D-Ring for Kayaks

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A D-ring for any Galaxy Kayak can be an invaluable part of your setup. These D-Rings are useful as attachment points for thigh straps and backrests for sit on top kayaks. Made from high quality durable plastic and stainless steel and easily attached to your kayak using the screw provided.

The D-ring fits onto various fixture points along the kayaks rim. It’s a simple accessory that is necessary for attaching your kayak seat correctly. They are also useful for securing all manner of objects to your kayak. Whether you are using a safety leash, or want to secure your scupper plugs to the boat, D-rings always come in handy.

The D-ring is attached to the copper fixture moulded into the kayak hull. If you want to add our fish finder support or GPS support mechanism to your kayak, you can simply unscrew any of the D Rings and place the multi function support into the same copper fixtures.

Material: Plastic and stainless steel
Measurement: 5cm x 1cm
Weight: 12g

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10 in stock


  • Stainless steel D ring and plastic fixture