Scupper plug for sit on top kayak

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These durable rubber scupper plugs are used to close the drainage points on your sit on top kayak. Our sit on top kayaks come with either large or small scupper plugs (see below). The scupper plugs can either be left in or removed depending on use and water conditions.

To activate your sit on top kayaks draining system, simply remove the scupper plug from areas where there has been a build up of water, start paddling ahead and once the natural suction drains the water in the affected area, replace the scupper plug and continue on your journey.

The scupper plugs are often lost if you are not careful so we recommend ordering a few extra or tying them with light string to your kayak.

Small is suitable for: tandem 2+1 kayak both leisure and fishing models.
Large is suitable for: all individual kayaks: Cruz, Fuego, Blaze and Alboran models.

Material: Durable Rubber
Sizes: small (2.5cm x 5.5cm) and large (3.5cm x 2.5cm)
Weight: small: 16g, large: 22g

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