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Vista Seat – EXTRA HIGH Beige Seat with Bent bar and storage pocket

2,600.00EGP inc. Vat

Beige Seat w Bent bar and storage pocket -Works for  Alboran, Tandem Vista, NY06+NY09 (High seat extra tall)


850.00EGP inc. Vat

Suits all Mistral Inflatables 8″ classic fin Flexible Polycarbonate For US box Finger twist tight fitting.

Mistral Coiled Knee Worn SUP Leash-8″Coiled Leash

880.00EGP inc. Vat

Coiled, knee-worn leg leash, suitable for most all forms of SUP, accepting surf use. 8’ x 7mm with quick release velcro tab, swivel ends at both the padded cuff and attachment ends.

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Kayak anchor cleat

250.00EGP inc. Vat

This kayak cleat is ideal for lots of uses including as a tie off point, an anchor support or to attach other items, like a buoy to your kayak. This hardened plastic support comes with two 45mm stainless steel Allen head bolts to attach it to your kayak.

The cleats are designed to fit on top of the motor support fixtures and can be used with or without the motor support in place. They can be purchased individually or as a pair but compatible kayaks come designed to hold one on either side of the hull.
Fits the Cruz and Alborán models.

Material: Plastic with stainless steel 45mm Allan bolts
Measurement: Top 16cm x 1cm – Base 10cm x 2.5cm
Weight: 69g

Kayak Side Handle

300.00EGP inc. Vat

Resistant side handle made of durable rubber that fits all Galaxy Kayaks.

This kayak side handle comes with stainless steel screws to screw into the fixture on your kayak. This sit on top kayak side handle is designed for the comfortable transportation of your kayak and comes with an elastic band which can be used for securing your paddle (paddle holder mount available separately).

Being able to comfortably grip onto your kayak can make all the difference when transporting it to and from the water.

Material: Rubber and stainless steel screws
Measurement: 26cm x 2cm
Weight: 83g

Paddle holder mount

70.00EGP inc. Vat

This paddle holder mount is compatible on all Galaxy Kayaks. The paddle holder mount is useful for allowing you to keep your paddle safe leaving your hands free to do other things. Made up of a high quality durable plastic button and metal screw.

You can easily attach an elastic cord to it, keeping your paddle firmly in place (see side handle).

Material: High quality durable plastic and metal
Measurement: 2cm x 1cm
Weight: 1g

Handle for Bow and Stern of Kayak

250.00EGP inc. Vat

This handle is suitable for both the front and back of any Galaxy Kayak. It is made out of a high quality durable plastic and resistant rope that is attached onto a fixture.  The plastic fixture is attached on either the bow or stern of the kayak using screws provided that allows the handle to be attached for the comfortable transportation of your kayak.


Material: Plastic, rope and screws
Measurement: 10cm x 2cm
Weight: 31g

D-Ring for Kayaks

65.00EGP inc. Vat

A D-ring for any Galaxy Kayak can be an invaluable part of your setup. These D-Rings are useful as attachment points for thigh straps and backrests for sit on top kayaks. Made from high quality durable plastic and stainless steel and easily attached to your kayak using the screw provided.

The D-ring fits onto various fixture points along the kayaks rim. It’s a simple accessory that is necessary for attaching your kayak seat correctly. They are also useful for securing all manner of objects to your kayak. Whether you are using a safety leash, or want to secure your scupper plugs to the boat, D-rings always come in handy.

The D-ring is attached to the copper fixture moulded into the kayak hull. If you want to add our fish finder support or GPS support mechanism to your kayak, you can simply unscrew any of the D Rings and place the multi function support into the same copper fixtures.

Material: Plastic and stainless steel
Measurement: 5cm x 1cm
Weight: 12g

Fine Thread Kayak Drain Plug

55.00EGP inc. Vat

This fine thread drain plug can be used on all Galaxy Kayaks. Drain plugs are fitted onto our sit on top kayaks to remove any unwanted bilge water after a paddling session. The plug comes with a stopper to facilitate the draining process and to safeguard your plug.

Suitable for all the Galaxy Kayaks sit on top kayaks.

Material: High quality durable plastic
Measurement: 6cm x 6cm (widest)
Weight: 12g